how much does getting shot with a paintball hurt?
2009-08-25 21:11:51 UTC
im going paintballing for the first time tomorrow, so how much does getting shot hurt and what should u wear to lessen the pain?
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2009-08-25 21:58:20 UTC
It... dogh....well ...dang....Ouch!....hey stop....dough... well it hurts a lot.
2009-08-25 21:17:31 UTC
I rented some paintball canisters to cover the package. It doesn't hurt that bad. The worst I got the last time I went was when I got hit with one on the head above the facemask. I was ducking under an inflatable barrier.

I also got hit a couple times in the back, it felt like a bee sting since the guy hit me from 15-20 feet or so.
2009-08-25 21:14:48 UTC
Don't worry about it bro, it actually hurts less if the paintballs explode on impact. If they dont pop it actually stings a lot more. Just wear an old shirt, you'll be fine, really. But make sure to wear long pants, not shorts. It's also normally too hot to wear a sweatshirt.

Main factor is how far away you get shot from. If someone bunkers you, ya, its gonna hurt.
2009-08-25 21:36:40 UTC
Dude you'll be fine. My first time was in the winter at night and it was all out paintball not, if you get shot once they stop shooting you. They got to shoot me as much as they wanted until I lost them by running away or shooting back at them. We did have our CO2 turned up all the way too. And yes I did say winter and yes I said in the dark, and I live in Kansas, it was so cold and I had a long sleeve shirt on that's it. I advise you to wear more like a heavy jacket or a long sleeve shirt if anything. Just stay low and out of the light. Stay in the shadows and shoot them first and aim for there head (If they have a helmet on, of course) If you hit there goggles they will have no clue where you are but if not in the head aim just any where and shoot first...this will throw them off guard!! Have fun dude and I know you will be scared to take the first paintball but it doesn't hurt as much as you think. After the first one you will be fine and you will have so much adrenaline pumping you won't even feel it! It only stings for a minute. Have fun bro and be the attacker...not the attackee. Have fun DUDE!!!
Adam C
2009-08-26 05:30:14 UTC
the first time it hurts the most for the reason that during that whole game you are thinking about being shot but when you do get shot it stings for a second then its gone so the less you think about being shot the less it hurts so dont think about being shot and have some pun paintball is an awsome sport
Elizabeth Gracie
2009-08-25 21:21:14 UTC
It can hurt quite a bit, i used to get shot in the a** all the time, it could be difficult getting padded up as there is a lot of running and crawling around, you should be given some protective clothing, coveralls and face mask. not sure if they give you breast plates these days. It only stings for a short time but you will have a great day. Enjoy.
2016-10-06 10:19:37 UTC
No offence, yet forget approximately what every person else says. definite, it does harm a splash, whether it hurts for like 10 seconds then it quite is long gone. merely verify your donning gloves, cuz the hands harm the main. additionally perhaps a hoodie, cuz the ears can harm too while shot there, and neck. maximum severely, in case you place on too lots outfits regardless of the undeniable fact which you will get sweaty and dehydrated extremely quickly. If its your first time attempt a swim trunk or for her wellness midsection shorts, then over that positioned on something saggy, like pajama pants. For the shirt attempt something like a pajama shirts, or a loose saggy shirt merely undergo in techniques do no longer positioned on too lots or it heavily isn't relaxing in any respect. P.S donning a baseball cap backwards decrease than mask is enormous thank you to dam your returned neck! .
2009-08-26 10:35:13 UTC
as much as a bee sting if the paint dosent explode but it wont sting for a long time only about 2-4 seconds if the paint explodes its not nearly as bad and you have so much adrenilen you can hardly feel it
2009-08-25 21:17:35 UTC
umm maybe a tee and sweater and some paants, wear colors that blend into the trees and ****. getting shot isnt that bad, it stings abit but you get over it after like 2 seconds. dont forget to wear a mask.
Devin R
2009-08-25 21:21:26 UTC
dude it doesnt hurt at all im no tough guy and im not a pussy, its jsut a 3 second sting, dont wear padss.jus a facemask, i wore a wifebeater and got shot bear skin, it stings thts all
Hans A
2009-08-26 14:30:34 UTC
Not that much if you wear the right clothes.
2009-08-25 21:17:40 UTC
just get your adrenaline going and dont sit back and be scared just run up and go ape **** and take a few and you will get over it
2009-08-25 21:15:49 UTC
pretty bad unless your a pu$$y and wear padding.

PS..wear a cup

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